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Additive for Baked Goods AV100


The additive AV100 is used to make Hamburger Buns, Sandwich Rolls, Hot Dog Buns, Rolls and Sliced Bread. These additives improve dough in the following way:

  • Dough prepared according to the type of flour used and suitable for rolling and forming.
  • High-volume products that keep their shape, with a thin, soft and golden crust.
  • White, spongy center with a homogeneous open crumb structure that conserves freshness for longer.

An enhancing additive used for high-turnover baked goods with a shelf life of 12 days.
Formulated for intermediate strength and high-extensibility flours.

  • Dose: 100 g of additive for every 50 kg of flour.
  • Presentation: 5 kg bags

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